Spring welcome

It’s finally spring! And these beauties are popping up everywhere…and that makes me very happy…the background is done which means I get to play with making is come alive tomorrow.


Twinkle do the stars up high

Lighting up the night sky

They look like lovely places to be

That we all agree.

Do I ever want to go

Traveling in a rocket stow

Wearing a puffy big white suit

Oxygen tank, helmet and boot

Through the vast dark lonely space

Rocket ship being the home base?

Seeing the world with plexiglass eyes

Never having to see sunrise

Or hear the chirp of a morning bird

Never for the breeze to have my soul stirred

No flowers to smell, no fruits to pluck

No soil to have in my fingernails stuck

To raindrops to make me want to dance

No wildflower meadows through which to prance

No trees to climb or leaves to pile

No ocean waves to make me smile

Worst of all no air to breathe

Or fresh produce to feed.

Only on Earth such luxuries

Afford us this life we lease

And asks only that we live best

In harmony with the rest.

So no other planet or star I need

For my human life to lead,

Only Earth is my mother

I admire them but need no other.

Green and Black

Some fun with green ink and black pen…I wanted to play with different shades of green starting with a light background and then darker tinges of the same. Adding black swirls happened as a what-if exercise…it’s me dreaming of real spring when my neck of the woods is still white with ice and snow…sigh…

Children’s book art inspiration

Reading books with my son I have a whole range for children’s book illustrations to get ideas and inspiration from. In fact we try to figure out how the illustrator went about making their art for the book.

Today I am inspired by Christina Balit’s art from the Treasury of Egyptian Mythology that National Geographic published. The top picture has the book open beside my sketchbook page. My page is multimedia using watercolours and pens of various sorts- paint, markers, gel etc.

These are a few of some random things…

As a homeschool mama I am always trying to maximize or rather enrich the time I spend with my son, even if it is an activity more of an interest to me- how can I make it more fun for both of us, or how can I open the door to this activity a little bit so he’s willing to share the ride with me… Art making used to be that activity where I needed to pull him along, but now, interestingly and joyfully, it’s the other way around! He steals time all over the day to make his art, and hopes I’ll be able to join him as well. So, with that kind of inspiration and ease, why would I not make time for art making with my little love 🙂

Today’s topic of exploration was random things on a page (10 or more) rendered in watercolours and black pen inspired by a couple of books we’d been flipping through earlier today. And we shared this lovely time in a coffee shop over rooibos tea and hot chocolate…yum!!