In My Sliver


Today is one of those days where I completed all the tasks that I aimed for, when dinner and dishes finished on time, when my creative life took a full flight, when I exercised, and when I had a sliver of time on my hands when I was twiddling my fingers wondering what to do next! Yes, an impossible kinda day by everyday standards!

So I got thinking, in my sliver of free time ofcourse, why my life is a series of things to do that are almost always unachievable. Why I promise myself everyday to have a better start tomorrow, to be more on top of things tomorrow, to journal, do yoga, to answer all the social emails it would be nice to answer etc.?


Why does life not feel perfect as it is, in this moment, in this day? Why does it always need improvement? Does everyone live like that? Wanting a better, more productive tomorrow? This never ending hunger for perfection that will never be achieved. And then I started writing these words in my sliver of free time.

Oh well, I guess I’ll have to think about the big question of my life in the next such sliver of free time I have on the next perfect day I have…and it might be a while.

Because this sliver is now over.


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