Day 215: Drawing a Day

  Today I tried out an Ebony pencil that I got for my son. It has an interesting texture and grey colour that seem different from regular drawing pencils. I may borrow it from him again 🙂


12 thoughts on “Day 215: Drawing a Day

  1. Ebony pencils are great – I like them best when they’re worn down to a finger’s length – then, the instrument becomes one with the hand, due to the nature of the multiple finger hold, and one can cover a big piece of paper quickly. I also favor a #6 because you can draft light with it, then once you’ve determined what you want, you can press down and sculpt the figure. Happy drawing! – JM


    • Oh wow…that sounds wonderful and like something I would enjoy a lot. I would have to work on wearing it down now 🙂 yeah it amazing how a simple pencil can do such amazing things. I love that you use the word sculpting…did not think of it like that, but it just makes the process of drawing sound so much more interesting…

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