Day 254-259: Drawing a Day

I’m still around! I’m making slow but steady progress on my drawing. I feel like I have to get every last drop of juice from the end of summer (which in my head is comparable to a watermelon thanks to a poem I read recently!) and so consistent and concentrated drawing sessions have not been my reality in the past couple of weeks. 

But I am happy to say that I’ve been far from idle in the “making” side of my life with my hands deep in a sewing (my very first foray into quilting!!) and knitting projects going on simultaneously. I also have found a renewed love for writing with fountain pens, and so I write all day long,- copying interesting quotes from books, writing poetry daily, making notes and reminders- anything to use my fountain pen! And so my life (and by default my son’s life) is so much about words that we are surrounding ourselves with…

I will be taking a break from the above mentioned drawing project to do other drawings/paintings of the more casual kinds next week, but I’m still alive, and very much inspired to make art!! 


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