Day 275: Drawing a Day

A hanging pot of flowers as spotted on my neighbour’s deck…in ink and pen.


8 thoughts on “Day 275: Drawing a Day

  1. Lovely! I have a question for you. If you had to equip an art table for a child who is interested and is always trying out new things, what would you make sure to include in it? I am not an art person, so don’t get the nuances when it comes to art supplies. Thanks!

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    • Wow…that’s a big question, and I feel honoured! I know your children and mine differ in age quite a bit. But, in general, I would provide with various kinds of pencils (drawing pencils that are dark, colour pencils, maybe watercolour pencils, charcoal), pens (markers, gel pens in black and maybe other colours-waterproof), paint (watercolour and acrylic), pastels (oil and chalk), lots of paper (watercolour, other thick and regular printer paper). Besides paper art, clay (natural and acrylic) for sculpting, carving stamps out of linoleum or rubber, paper for origami…the possibilities are enormous!! 🙂 and good quality of art supplies always helps. Hope this helps?


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