Day 328-333: Drawing a Day

In my quest to wake up early everyday in order to write and exercise I’ve been pretty zapped of energy in the past week, so I haven’t been on WordPress much. Anyways here’s past 6 days worth of drawings:

 The grand piano is from a concert visit- the peace before the concert started, 

the car scene is while waiting in the car on a busy street,

 books are omnipresent in my home, 

the abstract shapes are from an online sketchbook course I watched (using my son’s watercolour set), 

the Brussels sprouts in watercolour is my dinner from the farmers market,

 and the bar is from a restaurant I was in today.

The Micron pen seems to be the most convenient to reach for, and now I am a proud owner of a Koi waterbrush- hello innovation! I love not having to bring water in a cup before starting…life is convenient 🙂

So I am trying to draw more from life without looking for inspiration from media, so my drawings are more a statement of my life experiences than anything else. And that also means I am looking out for beauty everywhere…all the time…


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