Day 354-365: Drawing a Day

Here’s the final installation of my drawings for the “year”- i know, it’s not exactly been a year, a couple of months over really. And I’m not making any excuses…life happened, and mostly there were days when I wasn’t up to drawing. But thankfully that phase does not last too long, and the sketchbook is kept alive by the sheer need of it in my life- what am I supposed to do just sitting and noticing interesting shapes and light/shadow play without drawing my version of it?! Our world is so beautiful randomly put together by all of us who’ve walked on this earth over time, and collectively represents all our efforts and ideas (whether we mean to do so, or not!), and its hard to ignore it all!!! So my art journey will continue, hopefully for as long as I breathe. And this year was just a start of learning and doing.

So, what do I plan to do next…? I will be posting weekly a “From my Sketchbook this week” entry, along with a “Work In Progress” entry for longer projects as and when they happen. I do plan to take break day from drawing one day a week- over the weekend I think, just to refresh my mind and not feel the pressure (which was a big part of my year past!). And besides that, well, I’ll see how it goes. I am so glad to have this space to express myself, and I hope to take a good advantage of it in the coming years. Blogging is, after all, a stamp of ourselves in this mighty powerful world of the internet.


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