Watercolour # 132: Snake Plant 

March was a hard month for me. I just didn’t feel creative or artistic. I just wanted to focus on other aspects of my life. And usually ready for bed by 9 pm (usually the time I sit to make watercolours!). Well, hopefully the creative curse has been lifted. And with Spring starting to kick in in my neck of the woods, inspiration should not be a problem!

Anyways, snake plants have suddenly revealed their beauty to my intensely in the past few days. Here is my version of it in watercolour. 


2 thoughts on “Watercolour # 132: Snake Plant 

  1. Hope your creativity starts flowing once again! I’ve heard of the snake plant also referred to as a mother-in-law’s tongue, but since I adore my mother-in-law, I’d never call it that 😛

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