Watercolour #136: Colourful Town

Here’s another one of my whimsy places. This one was completed in a waiting room last week (yes, it was a loooong wait!!). I think this town would be lots of fun to visit! 🙂

Watercolour # 134: Flowers

How can I not make flowers when the natural world is coming alive around me and expressing it’s aliveness through flowers…

From my Sketchbook: Daffodils 

This transition weather is getting to me! I need Spring now 🙂 in acrylics and pen

Watercolour # 125: Inky!

Confession time: Either I am going through a low making art wise, or this in- between weather has been not-very-inspirational to me. But I’m glad I keep at it. Today I set myself no rules and went expressive with ink having no idea or expectation. It made me relaxed and happy at the end of a long day…

From My Sketchbook: Crazy Jungle

Doodling with pen, sharpie, paint pen and watercolours…my creative meditation of the day 🙂