Colored doodles

I picked up the red and turquoise inked pens at the back-to-school sale at my local art supply store, just to see what magic unfolds when combined with my favourite black pen. Here’s my first time using them. It was fun!!


Lovely Lavender 

Today I was inspired to sketch lavender after getting a bunch of them. With the coolness in the air it seems like the last few days of spending all day long outside and enjoying the blooms everywhere. So well, I’m trying to get both for as long as I can!

Floral circle

This sketchbook page courtesy of my favourite tool/ the black pen was in response to a challenge I read about somewhere online- what can you do with a circle in the center of a page…where will this journey take you, what would your life in this microcosm look like…mine would apparently look floral…

Fiery flowers

This page from my sketchbook came about last night listening to an audiobook with my husband. We haven’t done this in over a couple of years and had forgotten how joyful this simple and shared activity is for us. Here’s to more audiobooks, doodling and simple joys…