Watercolour # 137: Spring Sky

The view up from the ground of the stunning blue spring sky. I’ve been using Prussian Blue a lot lately, and had forgotten how stunning a blue Ultramarine Blue is. I don’t think this photo does justice to the richness of this paint colour which originates from Lapis Lazuli. Painting with this brilliant colour was definitely an emotional experience…

WIP: Finished!

From having no idea how I wanted to reuse an old canvas panel to crazy messy background layers to this…I had a blast! 

Watercolour #136: Colourful Town

Here’s another one of my whimsy places. This one was completed in a waiting room last week (yes, it was a loooong wait!!). I think this town would be lots of fun to visit! 🙂


Going in with my intuition and messy fingers here…I wonder hoe this will turn out!!