Cosmic Doodles?

On most mornings I take 10 mins or so do scribble a quick watercolour or ink doodles in a designated Doodle sketchbook. And we’ll, as much fun as they are to make, they are not really shareable. Here’s one from today which I thought turned out pretty interesting, and somewhat of cosmic nature? Saturn’s rings came to mind when I took the big picture in after finishing it…



I realized I forgot to post the completed image from a few days ago! Anyways here it is 🙂 could have been better I think…


I started working on a floral watercolour inspired by my vase. For now it’s a very slow and small start. Hoping for a lot more progress tomorrow:-)

Lovely Lavender 

Today I was inspired to sketch lavender after getting a bunch of them. With the coolness in the air it seems like the last few days of spending all day long outside and enjoying the blooms everywhere. So well, I’m trying to get both for as long as I can!