Pastel Messiness

Chalk pastels are messy…but not the acrylic paint kinds messy. I think twice about dipping into thick paints for that reason- am I willing to wash up afterwards? But chalk pastel is an easier messiness, and it makes me feel more of an artist- my stained fingers tell of my artistic adventures, and just the act of getting skin deep in the art results in a deeper connection and joy. So here’s a messy rendition of a bunch of deep red daisy like flowers sitting in my kitchen. My stained fingers tell the tale of my joy!

Cosmic Doodles?

On most mornings I take 10 mins or so do scribble a quick watercolour or ink doodles in a designated Doodle sketchbook. And we’ll, as much fun as they are to make, they are not really shareable. Here’s one from today which I thought turned out pretty interesting, and somewhat of cosmic nature? Saturn’s rings came to mind when I took the big picture in after finishing it…

Something Different 

Today I did things a little differently- an acrylic paint monotype print followed by sharpie pen drawing on top. The printing with its uncontrollable nature made me let go of all desired control, and so it was pure fun to make them and every time I felt giddy for what the result may look like. This makes me happy, my lopsided butterfly and all 🙂

From my Sketchbook: And Another one!

This one is from last week…I love the colour combinations here and it was so much fun making these…I might just end up with a whole sketchbook of red-turquoise-black doodles…not a bad thing 🙂