100 Day Project: #51 Avocado baby completed

So yesterday was my cheat day #2 as I had a Christmas event to attend, and obviously did not have it in me to finish this after that! But it’s finally done, and I’m overall happy with it, although I feel like painting round objects (lesson 101 of drawing/painting?!) is not something I am good at, so they always come out looking awkward. Something else to learn over time…

100 Day Project: #50 Avocado baby

Here’s my partly done avocado baby plant. I will work on the dirt and pot tomorrow. I love these babies (I have 3) that I started from our breakfast avocados and now they are thriving. 

And 50 days! Half way there already…

Day 74: Drawing a Day


I took advice from this post and decided to draw hands, and baby-mother subject get’s me most emotional. So there!