Spring welcome

It’s finally spring! And these beauties are popping up everywhere…and that makes me very happy…the background is done which means I get to play with making is come alive tomorrow.


Something Different 

Today I did things a little differently- an acrylic paint monotype print followed by sharpie pen drawing on top. The printing with its uncontrollable nature made me let go of all desired control, and so it was pure fun to make them and every time I felt giddy for what the result may look like. This makes me happy, my lopsided butterfly and all 🙂

100 Day Project: #46 & #47 background and freehand nature

I completely forgot to post yesterday…oops! I made the colourful background in the first picture yesterday still not sure what I’d do with it. And today I ended up covering it up with the flowers and leaves in the second picture. All done in freehand i.e. I went straight in with the brush- scary prospect but also one that frees the mind (and hand) to go at it without worrying about being too correct. Well, it was fun!