Floral circle

This sketchbook page courtesy of my favourite tool/ the black pen was in response to a challenge I read about somewhere online- what can you do with a circle in the center of a page…where will this journey take you, what would your life in this microcosm look like…mine would apparently look floral…

Back to Work


Summer is gone. The laziness that comes from sweaty hands and lethargy that renders one’s body useless is long gone. Instead I find myself amidst fiery trees and cool October afternoons. Walking on sidewalks carpeted with blotches of bright yellows and reds, my mind and body tell me its time to welcome Inspiration back, to get to work, to learn and to make.


After drawing in all sorts of media for a year on almost a daily basis, I feel ready for another challenge that will keep me disciplined and motivated to come back to work every day. My urge is to play with colours. My desire is to open my eyes to the beauty that surrounds me. My hope is to process life in a way that’s positive and creative.


I read an article on Medium about setting oneself a 100-day project that started as the brainchild of creator Elle Luna. Using this article for inspiration, here’s how I plan to get to work in the next few months:


WHAT: Watercolour paintings


HOW: Everyday for a 100 days



70+ pieces of artwork (ahem!)

Hope to find the very elusive “style” of my very own that everyone talks about



Use watercolours everyday irrespective of usage of other media

It is OK to work on one piece for multiple days

Use everyday inspiration. No internet reference photos allowed

5 cheat days allowed

Share all the good, the bad and the ugly work on the blog

As little as 10 minutes a day counts

Be gentle to myself


Picking the brush very sporadically in the past 2-3 months, I feel the tingle at the thought of the blank page and clean brush, but I also feel joy at the thought of mixing colours. So I hereby invite Mess (of pages and brushes) and Inspiration into my life, coz, yeah, I won’t be painting much without them!

Day 345: Drawing a Day

This is from imagination/memory…the shadow of a tree on a garage door I see from my washroom window on a sunny afternoon…this image has always fascinated it but I only thought to draw it 🙂 I find it beautiful…

Day 327: Drawing a Day

Here’s my fireplace, in pen. Very meditative to draw all those lines, and coloring in the black background…

Day 326: Drawing a Day



Quick weird sketches from the coffee shop when I was trying to pretend to be not sketching…so hard. In fact the lady from the first photo came and tried to peek in my sketchbook on pretense of checking outside the window, and when I pretended to be done “writing” and closed it, she asked me if I was sketching her!! She was really cool about it, and said she sketched people too, well, it was like…phew! And of course, people move too much for my liking…!!!