Day 345: Drawing a Day

This is from imagination/memory…the shadow of a tree on a garage door I see from my washroom window on a sunny afternoon…this image has always fascinated it but I only thought to draw it 🙂 I find it beautiful…

Day 327: Drawing a Day

Here’s my fireplace, in pen. Very meditative to draw all those lines, and coloring in the black background…

Day 326: Drawing a Day



Quick weird sketches from the coffee shop when I was trying to pretend to be not sketching…so hard. In fact the lady from the first photo came and tried to peek in my sketchbook on pretense of checking outside the window, and when I pretended to be done “writing” and closed it, she asked me if I was sketching her!! She was really cool about it, and said she sketched people too, well, it was like…phew! And of course, people move too much for my liking…!!!

Day 325: Drawing a Day

So I drew a part of my dinner- the top of a squash my lovely husband roasted stuffed with veggies. I found this so beautiful, especially the deep colours after it was roasted, and just had to go for it. There’s the Micron pen with waterproof ink for lines, and there’s regular pens (water-soluble ink) along with watercolour pencils that got dissolved to make the shades of the squash. I wish I had something white to go on top for highlights, but overall, I’m happy with it. And the squash dinner was DELICIOUS!!! 

Day 324: Drawing a Day

Fall is leaving

He is spent of all his tricks for now

Winter has not arrived in her dazzling white gown yet…

Her harshness overwhelms me

Still, I wait desperately for her stunning entrance to the ball