This Week in my Sketchbook: Week 3

The snail shells have me frustrated this week as you can see…those simple looking things are not at all simple to draw as I found out. I will have to try them some more in the near future- it sure is not out of my system y et! Besides that, I re tried the poinsettia with my better watercolours but still on the hot press paper- they were certainly more vibrant (for a vibrant subject), and felt less…tepid (know what I mean?!), but I liked the composition from last week better…well. And the berries- these went on a birthday card for a friend. I had lots of fun doing this one. It snowed here today- lots, and I took a lot of photos for inspiration…so that means I’ll be attempting snow drawings (or paintings)…I’m excited for the challenge!

Day 345: Drawing a Day

This is from imagination/memory…the shadow of a tree on a garage door I see from my washroom window on a sunny afternoon…this image has always fascinated it but I only thought to draw it 🙂 I find it beautiful…

Day 335-344: Drawing a Day

Pen, watercolour pencils, and water brush are what I’ve been reaching out for lately, and trying to capture scenes (real or imaginative!) around me. I am very drawn to the idea of daily sketch booking in the same book as a visual journal of life, noticing mundane details around, and seeing the beauty in them. And mostly to have gratitude for all I have around me.

Day 318: Drawing a Day

So after my last Drawing post where I mentioned that I was feeling the changing weather in my mind and body, I was challenged/suggested on Facebook by amazing artist friend and teacher to paint the darkness that I’ve been feeling. Well here is my illustration for it. I don’t illustrate as I have trouble pulling images out of my head, but I was surprised at how easily and quickly this one came together. I guess, I do need to paint my feelings! So I hope to paint this tomorrow in watercolours…and looking forward to see what it turns out like!

Day 308-316: Drawing a Day

IMG_3326 IMG_3321 IMG_3320 IMG_3318 IMG_3302 IMG_3300 IMG_3293

So here’s what I’ve been up to in the past week. While watching a movie, while taking nature walks, while slumping on my couch after a long tiring day, while listening to endless podcasts. I haven’t posted anything all week, since I kind of haven’t felt up to facing the world in the same way I usually do. I think it’s the enveloping, descending darkness of these autumn days. I am trying to allow my body and mind to figure out this change in its own time and space, without holding myself up against any guilt for moving inwards. And that seems to include not being on wordpress every day.

But thankfully, this adjustment of seasons does not seem to entail giving up on art making for a few days. In fact, it seems like art is what keeps me going, even spending 5-10 minutes on it everyday, since missing it altogether makes me feel thirsty for it. I need art to complete my day in a way that makes me happy, fulfilled.

During this week, I completed one year of starting my drawing everyday challenge. Even though I’m not up to 365 drawings yet, I am happy about staying with it, and learning a lifetime worth of stuff about techniques, materials, seeing, noticing, keeping up with something everyday (almost), blogging, learning, art, community, myself. I am very thankful to have found this beautiful passion, and am excited to be on this journey. At this point, I am looking forward to finishing the 365 day challenge, and then focus on longer projects, but still hopefully to use my sketchbook most days of the week. And I think watercolours will have more of my focus in the near future as well. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead, and am very happy to have this awesome wordpress art community to share all our journeys with! And of course, family and friends and mentors- it does take a village to raise children of art as well…