Green and Black

Some fun with green ink and black pen…I wanted to play with different shades of green starting with a light background and then darker tinges of the same. Adding black swirls happened as a what-if exercise…it’s me dreaming of real spring when my neck of the woods is still white with ice and snow…sigh…


From the Sketchbook: Mish Mash

Thinking about what I could do differently I mixed my pen doodles with black ink spills…it is quite satisfying to do something different and be in an uncomfortable place for a bit. Like traveling perhaps…enjoying the process is what it’s all about for me.


I went happy crazy with my black pen and black sharpie making these repeating flowers yesterday. Today I figured why not smear them all over with diluted ink…here is how I ended up.

Watercolour # 125: Inky!

Confession time: Either I am going through a low making art wise, or this in- between weather has been not-very-inspirational to me. But I’m glad I keep at it. Today I set myself no rules and went expressive with ink having no idea or expectation. It made me relaxed and happy at the end of a long day…

Watercolour # 111: Sunset in winter 

Watercolour background with tree trunks in India ink. I see such beautiful sunsets these days that it’s hard to not get excited by them…